Testing, testing 1…2…3

Hey guys. I know its been a while, but life has happened. I went through a husbands birthday, my birthday, 2 kids birthdays, a remodeled backyard, a Memorial day party and just returning from a 4th of July vacation. WHEW! Between all of that, yes I have been sewing. I’ve even managed to do a test sew, which is a first for me. My promise is to document my makes (each one of them) as a go along from this point forward. Promise!

Anywho, back to the test sew.

I did pattern testing for Kennis at Itch to Stitch. Now that it’s released, I can finally show it off:

This is Kathryn Top and Dress by the lovely Kennis over at Itch to Stitch. It features a wide, pleated neckline, an empire waist with a simple cute A line skirt, with a self lined bodice. Kathryn is sewn up in a knit fabric. The cool thing about Kathryn, is that I can be done as a top or a dress. I don’t have very many daily wear dresses in my wardrobe, so I thought a dress would work out for me.

 My version is done in cotton knit with obvious polka dots.
My alterations are: SBA, 3.5 inches off the length, and I cut about 1 inch off the sleeve length.

I would rate this pattern as a beginner, although there are pleats involved, they were very easy to sew and Kennis’ instructions are spot on simple.

I love this dress and have plans to make a few more. The pattern is on sale right now so please hurry over and snatch it up quickly.

Here’s a few photos:

As a side note, I haven’t made any of her other patterns, but Angelina Shorts was just released today too and it is cute and on sale too!!!

I very much enjoyed pattern testing and hopefully I will get the chance to do it again soon.

Until next time


Me Vs. Old Navy

How do I compare to Old Navy?  Quite well, if I don’t say so myself. Today I completed a pattern that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Marianne Dress was done in about 2 hours. I think this has been my easiest project yet.

This post contains quite a few pics.

Here is my version of Marianne Dress:

I chose to sew this up in St James striped Interlock Knit from Fabric Junkie. It is truly dreamy to work with. Its very soft, has a good drape and feels good on the skin. It’s actually the perfect weight for any season.

 Although I did match those stripes like a boss (yea!), I really didn’t try that hard to do so (oops…). Worked in my fav tho.

 I serged all the seams and used my twin needle to hem the sleeves and the bottom hem.

Alterations:  1. Took 2 inches off the bottom
                     2. Sewed view A with a view B neckline (I hate peter pan collars).

So why, again, am I comparing myself to Old Navy? Well, a few weeks ago I purchased a very similar dress from Old Navy and I didn’t realize it until today that they are so similar.

Old Navy lists this as being a jersey shift dress, 93% cotton and 7% spandex, short sleeve and ribbed neckline.

Hmm… That sounds about right. But what isn’t right is the description of how it’s semi fitted. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics of me wearing it but I purchased my usual size and it fits like a brown paper bag.

But… fear not, I can fix it. I will eventually take the seams in a bit, and problem solved.

Side by side Me and Old Navy.

The other thing that I really don’t get about this dress is why the heck is there a seam going down the back of the dress??? That’s stupid. I could understand if there were no side seams, but there’s actually 3 seams all together.

Don’t get me wrong, I drapes well too and feels good on the skin. But I still think my version is better.

Until next time….

Cascade Jacket

Finally….. I present to you my Cascade Jacket. This has been finished for about 2 weeks now, but before the big reveal, I have some other big news…..


Its a Samsung Smart Camera. I love it to pieces already. If I’m gonna have a blog, I need to grow up past taking selfies with my smart phone. It’s pretty easy to use and I can even link it to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and use my phone as a wireless remote in the event that I do not have camera man (woman). And speaking of which, my husband and children took the pics for my cascade jacket this afternoon, and they did an “ok” job but it could be better (*disclaimer*).

So, if anyone out there lives in the Chicago area…….you know where this is going.

Anywho, here she is.

I so hate this pic, but you gotta see the inside.

Pattern: Cascade Duffle Coat
Fabric: Red Wool/Poly Melton for exterior and cotton buffalo plaid for interior
Time spent: about a week (see below)

So here’s the deets:

I used a Red Wool/Poly Melton blend from fabric.com for the exterior and I can’t remember where I bought the black and white buffalo plaid from. It’s a cotton blend though. The only changes that I made was that I took about 2 inches off the bottom of the coat. It hits right at my upper thigh, just enough to cover my butt. I’m very short (5 foot 1) so it would have been super long on me. Construction from beginning to end took about 2 weeks but I so could have finished it in a week if I wouldn’t have goofed up. 

So I started this jacket using some very cheap wool from Joann’s. I had everything cut out, lining and all. Started constructing the exterior jacket and decided that the wool was too thin and cheap for my liking. I “put” everything away and quickly ordered the above fabric and waited for the mailman. When the new fabric came, I got started right away. When it came time for the lining, I couldn’t find 3 of the pieces! In my defense there are about 40 pieces to this pattern??? I panicked in a big way. I usually buy pdf patterns, if they are offered, in which this one was offered as a pdf, but because of the sheer size of this project, I decided to purchase the paper version. What did I do, you ask? I re-bought the pattern in pdf version this time, just so I can get those 3 stupid pieces. Oh well. My sewing organization need improvement. I got crap everywhere and not to mention, I don’t have a sewing room. The moral of the story is put your crap away properly until you need it.

I love the coat. It’s warm and very cozy. I was fairly easy to sew. There’s a sew-along going on at Grainline Studio, but I just simply followed the instructions included, which were excellent by the way. I would sew this again in the future but not any time soon.

Lastly, It’s nearing the end of selfish sewing week and while I am in the lead as of right now, there is a special someone that is running right behind me. I’ve been watching it pretty closely and have been hounding my friends and family to continue to vote for me. But this particular young lady is hot on my trails. 
Elise @ Sunday Charm blog is my fiercest competition. Her submission for the contest is the Shoreline Boatneck top. It’s very, very cute. I spent some time on her blog and just like me, she’s a midwest girl and she’s a great sewer. I wish her the best of luck. This was my first competition and it has been fun. 

See  you guys around.

Selfish Sewing Week

So apparently, it’s Selfish Sewing week, here in the sewing world. Prior to today, I had no idea what that meant. So here’s what I’ve learned:

You are supposed to sew something for yourself……  WOW!!!! Imagine that! Sewing for myself you say? Please and thank you.

I don’t really sew for other people, so Selfish Sewing Week is actually Selfish Sewing all the time, for me at least. He he he.

Anywho, there’s a contest going on this week. You are supposed to showcase a creation that you have made and people casts votes daily. But there is a catch. It has be be a pattern that the website (which I will give you in a sec.) offers. Ummm… Okay. I’m cool with that. So there are three sponsors and I must admit, I’ve only been to one of their websites:

Imagine Gnats

I’ve gone on Indiesew quite a few times and have even purchased a few patterns on there. I quite like them very much.

Now I’m not sure how many readers I have just yet, but just so you know, I did enter one of my projects and I would be really, really over the moon if  you voted for me. (Or you can vote for someone else that you think is better than me….maybe not).

                                                   Click here

You can vote once a day. So as my good friend Robin always says: Vote early and often.

My 2014 makes

 My Makes in 2014

 Belcarra Blouse                                      

Pattern Co:  Sewaholic Patterns
Fabric: Rayon/cotton blend
Notes: Very, Very easy to sew. Done in about 2 hours

Shorts and Top summer set

Pattern Co: Sewaholic and Grainline Studios
Fabric: 100% cotton for both
Notes: The top is Renfrew top from Sewaholic patterns and the shorts are Maritime Shorts from Grainline Studios. Both were easy. Done in about 5 hours total. I even matched up the plaids!

Bombshell Swimsuit

Pattern Co: Closet Case Files
Fabric: Lycra/spandex
Notes: OMG! This is my most favorite make yet. Not only do I look good, but it was fun to make too. And I maybe, possibly, learned a few new things too.

Oh and just because I love this pic, I’ll just throw it in for good measure.
And that’s all folks. Not really, but I’m at work right now and should really be working, I think. I’ve made quite a few more things in 2014, which I’ll list later.


Sorry, Not Sorry

Hello. This is me.

Yup. I’m pretty cute, but sorry, I’m taken. I’m a 30 something mom, wife and nurse. And, as you probably have already guessed, I love, love, love to sew. I mean, I have a pretty generalized obsession with sewing at the present time.
I can go into how long I’ve been sewing, what my grandma taught me, blah blah blah, but you don’t care about all that nor do I feel like typing it all.
The main purpose of my blog is:
1. Brag to my coworkers and friends on how talented I am
2. Document my makes
3. Brag to my family
4. Brag to anyone that is willing to read this blog
Obviously #2 is the most important
I’ve made quite a few things in the last year, which I will not blog about each one individually. I will, however show plenty of pics.
So without further ado, enjoy my blog. Or maybe not. Either way, it’s not gonna stop me.
See ya around!


I’m a celebrity

I’m a celebrity. Well…not quite. So I was doing my usual blog trolling today and decided to see if any new patterns came out on the Burda website. I usually don’t scroll down to the bottom, but for some reason, today I did. And what did I see? Me!!!! My bombshell swimsuit was a featured member project today. OMG I am so excited. I think they choose the projects that have had the most views for the week to feature. As of today, I’ve had 326 views and I only uploaded it a few days ago. Talk about being a local celebrity. So in case you want to see, of course I did a screen shot:




That is totally awsome. Anybody want an autograph?