My sewing goals for 2014

While patiently waiting for my pattern to come in the mail, I think I will compile a list of my sewing goals for 2014. But before I do that, let me just talk about how horribly excited I am about this pattern:  saltspring

So I have been secretly waiting for Tasia from Sewaholic to make this pattern into a pdf. I think I may have been one of the first ones (if not the first) to purchase her other 2 pdf patterns the minute they came out. I hate waiting. Ugh. Anywho… since its not a pdf yet, I just bought the darn thing online this weekend. I have had the perfect fabric picked for months now and I gotta get this thing done before I won’t have time to wear it. Oh well… What Ev’s as my friend Robin says.

So… Sewing goals for 2014:

1. Learn to quilt and actually make a quilt

2. Make 2 more Minrou Jackets before September

3. Maintain at least 1 finished project per week

4. Learn to use burda patterns (ie.. patterns with no seam allowance)

5. Buy a sewing table

6. Buy a nice dress form

7. Learn proper fitting techniques

8.  Make a few bras

9. Up my fabric stash (cause you can never have too much)

This list is to be updated as I go along.


One thought on “My sewing goals for 2014

  1. So ten is a nice round number. Maybe goal number ten should be to get me to stop procrastinating and actually sew something.


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