Sorry, Not Sorry

Hello. This is me.

Yup. I’m pretty cute, but sorry, I’m taken. I’m a 30 something mom, wife and nurse. And, as you probably have already guessed, I love, love, love to sew. I mean, I have a pretty generalized obsession with sewing at the present time.
I can go into how long I’ve been sewing, what my grandma taught me, blah blah blah, but you don’t care about all that nor do I feel like typing it all.
The main purpose of my blog is:
1. Brag to my coworkers and friends on how talented I am
2. Document my makes
3. Brag to my family
4. Brag to anyone that is willing to read this blog
Obviously #2 is the most important
I’ve made quite a few things in the last year, which I will not blog about each one individually. I will, however show plenty of pics.
So without further ado, enjoy my blog. Or maybe not. Either way, it’s not gonna stop me.
See ya around!



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