I love summer….

Man oh Man do I love summer. Summertime in Chicago is absolutely the best. From Navy Pier to hanging out at the lakefront, there is so much to do. Because my life is always busy and on-the-go, my wardrobe is really quite casual. I have lots of garments that are grab and go type. So when I saw the pattern Renfrew top from Sewaholic patterns, I knew I had to have it. The great thing about this top is that it can be finished in 2 hours…tops. Also, I can make a billion of these tops, long sleeve and short sleeve and be very happy with just that. I do wear a lot of t-shirts and now that I have a great pattern to use, trust me when I say I will be making a gazillion more!




The shorts are a little different story. They are Maritime shorts from Grainline studio. I searched high and low for a plaid, cotton material for these shorts. By chance I came across some in the clearance section at Joann fabrics. I don’t particularly like the color, but it will do for now. I cut the smallest size and it is still a little too big in the waist. The other thing with this pattern, is that I noticed that it kinda pools in the crotch area. Next time I will take about a half an inch to an inch off the crotch. The only mod. that I did make was to shorten them. And boy oh boy did I shorten them. I think I took like 2 inches off the bottom. I hate long shorts.  Long shorts + short girl =  disaster. They just make me even shorter than what I am.




On a side note, my saltspring dress came in the mail the other day. I have sewn up one and working on a second one. I will post the deets on that later.


I’m such a Bombshell

My Bombshell Swimsuit.




I finished this suit in less than a day, minus the cutting. I just love how this swimsuit fits. It makes my small butt look so great! I chose a navy blue and white polka dot nylon/lycra blend that I picked up, cheap from Hancock fabrics. The lining was a cheapy swim lining too. It took me 3 tries to get this swimsuit to finally fit me. With this pattern, I learned to grade multiple sizes. My bust was a size 6 and I graded the waist and hips to a size 10. Prior to doing that I was just going by my bust size and sewed up 2 other swimsuits that fit in the bust but I couldn’t get my legs into them! Anywho, I love this swimsuit and plan to make more. Here’s some more shots and my wonderful hubby took of me:



My sewing goals for 2014

While patiently waiting for my pattern to come in the mail, I think I will compile a list of my sewing goals for 2014. But before I do that, let me just talk about how horribly excited I am about this pattern:  saltspring

So I have been secretly waiting for Tasia from Sewaholic to make this pattern into a pdf. I think I may have been one of the first ones (if not the first) to purchase her other 2 pdf patterns the minute they came out. I hate waiting. Ugh. Anywho… since its not a pdf yet, I just bought the darn thing online this weekend. I have had the perfect fabric picked for months now and I gotta get this thing done before I won’t have time to wear it. Oh well… What Ev’s as my friend Robin says.

So… Sewing goals for 2014:

1. Learn to quilt and actually make a quilt

2. Make 2 more Minrou Jackets before September

3. Maintain at least 1 finished project per week

4. Learn to use burda patterns (ie.. patterns with no seam allowance)

5. Buy a sewing table

6. Buy a nice dress form

7. Learn proper fitting techniques

8.  Make a few bras

9. Up my fabric stash (cause you can never have too much)

This list is to be updated as I go along.


Hello…..Anyone home?




Hello blogging world. My name is Tonya. I am the mother of 3 crazily cute kids, wife to a very lucky man and a nurse by day. The purpose of my blog is to talk about….what else?…..Sewing. I started sewing at the sweet, tender age of 11. Unfortunately I gave it up after a year. But, this year, my hubby bought me a new sewing maching for my bday and I haven’t looked back since. If you haven’t already noticed the name of my blog, I’m a pretty petite girl. I’m only 5 foot 1, on a good day and barely 112 pounds.

Since I haven’t gotten back into sewing, I’m learning so much about pattern fitting, grainlines, which fabrics to use with what and etc… Once I got all that stuff in order, it has been smooth sailing. I counted my completed items last night and I’m averaging completing 2-3 items a week. Ha! How’s that for a full time nurse, full time mom and full time wife.  I’m also very, very tired at the end of the day. Oh well. You only live once right?

In this blog, I would like to not only showcase my completed items, but also talk about my sewing goals and techniques. I love to lurk other peoples’ blogs for inspiration (I won’t name any names just yet).

So without further ado…. Welcome to me!!!